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These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'desperate. Send us feedback. Latin desperatuspast participle of desperare — see despair entry 2. One's for a last-ditch effort, the other's for a vast difference. Accessed 20 Jul.


According to Gerard Bush, who co-wrote and co-directed the movie with his husband Christopher Renz, he dreamed that a desperate woman was trying to reach out across the dimensions for help. Six months later, we're back to the old normal — even though many remain desperate for assistance.

While Kumar and his team were thinking about how to keep the business afloat, they were spurred into action because of the desperate calls they were getting from their guide partners, some even requesting small loans to make ends meet.

We might have thought The Comeback was about a desperate actress's shameless struggle for fame. Brinsley got out of jail last July, and was desperate and aimless.

After what seemed a desperate eternity, a doctor shook his head. Sam watches her fall apart, tear herself apart and is desperate. The remaining one struggled for another half-minute, and flared up in one last, desperate effort.

The letter was the swift and desperate sequel to several days' absolutely sterile reflection. But the desperate resistance they encountered compelled them to abandon the island with the loss of 25, men. They are sometimes obstinate and are desperate fighters, squealing and neighing on all occasions.

Definition of 'desperate'

He will rattle on in Spanish till Herr S. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! See synonyms for desperate on Thesaurus.

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See hopeless. Words nearby desperate despairingdespatchdespeciationDespenserdesperadodesperatedesperatelydesperationdespicabledespisedespite.

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Words related to desperate daringdangerousboldviolentdeterminedfranticfuriousfrenziedgreaturgentterriblefiercecriticaldireforlornvainfutiledespondentsadmadcap. Carney September 16, Washington Blade.

Congress lacks urgency for more economic stimulus Alayna Treene September 11, Axios. Indians holiday around the world during the pandemic—from inside their living rooms Manavi Kapur August 21, Quartz.

Hilda Lessways Arnold Bennett. Our Little Korean Cousin H. Lee M. Music-Study in Germany Amy Fay. Derived forms of desperate desperatelyadverb desperatenessnoun.