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One of the most important skills to have if you're looking for dates is knowing whether somebody else is interested in you. According to psychologists who studied speed dating, this is actually an incredibly difficult skill to master.


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Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 3 years ago 1. A couple of my exes were great guys and we got on well because we had so much in common. They weren't camp or anything but were quite into art, niche music, fashion, photography, cafes etc.

You know the artsy, cultured, skinny hipster type. They also had sisters and a lot of female friends so seemed to be quite in touch with their feminine side and able to relate to girls.

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As lovely as they were, they were more like best friends rather than guys I really fancied and found hot. I've found that for me to actually be turned on and continually attracted to a guy they need to be a bit more masculine. Even if it means we might have less in common at first.

Most people seem to have some sort of balance but I'm talking about guys who veer more on the masculine side. So I was wondering from a guy's point of view is it a similar thing? Where if a girl shares so many of your interests and humour, she becomes more of a friend and one of the l. And are you subconsciously more attracted to a girly girl because her overt femininity is more of a Dating girly girl on? If she isn't girly then surely you might as well just date another lad?

Not what you're looking for? TaintedLight Badges: Report 3 years ago 2. I used to have that "allergy" to girly girls back when i was in high school. Now I'd consider a girly girl the most suited for the till death do us apart vow. Report 3 years ago 3. Report Thread starter 3 years ago 4. Report Thread starter 3 years ago 5. Original post by TaintedLight I used to have that "allergy" to girly girls back when i was in high school.

Report 3 years ago 6. Original post by Anonymous What is it that you like about girly girls? Report 3 years ago 7. Due to my sex and gender I'm sexually attracted to females. When it comes to relationships with girls, I find that girls who I am able to be friends with first I end up falling for and have a better relationship with, rather than just by superficial means.

It's different from "one of the l" because there's never the change of having a sexual relationship with my guy friends, I hang out with them because I relate to them. But if I share interests with a girl chances are we have a similar way of thinking and we can communicate better, therefore I'll be "socially attracted" to her as a person, and if I don't already I might begin to find her sexually attractive.

That's not to say the more of someones interests you share the better necessarily, you don't necessarily want a relationship with a girl who literally likes everything you like because then there is nothing new to discover. Can be a good or bad thing. Just my thoughts I guess. SirHotWings Badges:

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