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Multi-monitor setups are a great way to improve productivity and your gaming immersion, especially if they are large enough to wrap around your peripherals. But not every graphics card or laptop supports the cables you need to send data to those displays, and in some cases, distance from the host system can present problems of their own.


Daisy chain: one cable to connect all your monitors

DisplayPort 1. The following graph shows the maximum of same-resolution monitors that can be connected via a single DisplayPort 1.

However, monitors of varying resolution can also be used together. For example in the above graph, although a maximum of two x monitors is listed, an additional x resolution monitor is also possible. There are numerous resolution combinations that can be connected. If using EIZO monitors, we recommend consulting our connection guide here.

Furthermore, although DisplayPort 1. Daisy chain compatible monitors contain at least one DisplayPort input and one output terminal.

The output terminal is what allows you to connect one monitor to the next. EIZO offers the following medically qualified monitors that are compatible with daisy chaining:.

As it can be difficult to determine how many monitors can be supported in one chain, EIZO offers a connection guide to help you use the daisy chain feature effectively following the DisplayPort 1. John Mukai.

Mukai is using EIZO monitors in his work, and said the following about daisy chaining for radiology. One of the challenges we face in our 8-monitor workstations is cable management.

Useiden näyttöjen ketjuttaminen displayport mst (multi-stream transport) -ominaisuudella

Ordering and questions 1 or. There are many benefits of using a daisy chain in the reading room: A reduced amount of cabling required to operate multiple monitors.

This frees up space and reduces clutter. Using short DisplayPort cables between monitors — as opposed to using multiple long cables — reduces the total length of wire, ultimately reducing the amount of PVC plastic required and thrown into landfills.

How displayport's daisy-chain feature improves the reading room

Monitor connection becomes quicker and easier for installers, especially if a computer is located in a confined area, as only one display cable needs to be connected to the PC. Computer graphics boards only need to have a single DisplayPort output, rather than several, to be able to connect multiple monitors. This makes daisy chaining perfect for laptop and small-PC users, which often have limited outputs.

This is important when viewing time sensitive information. This means that images will always be displayed as clearly as if they were directly connected to the PC. Daisy-Chain Requirements DisplayPort 1.

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With a daisy chain connection, multiple monitors can be neatly connected to each other in a row.


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Nowadays, as laptops are getting thinner and lighter and the amount of available ports is minimized, if you want a solution that integrates multiple monitors with a laptop using only a single video port, you will need to find a way to connect all your monitors through one connection.