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Jamie Lin Wilson doesn't remember hearing Cross Canadian Ragweed 's "Sick and Tired" for the very first time, but she does remember hearing the news that the venerable Oklahoma-bred alt-country band had enlisted Lee Ann Womack for the song. Womack met the band at RodeoHouston, through their shared manager, and agreed later that night to sing on their next album.


Great song Brava Lee Ann Womack, great addition to the vocals. I really miss these guys!! Come back for one tour He's always been on Whiskey Myers, since the very beggining I guess you're misleading the Codys Such a great band. And Cody is from my hometown. Who woulda thunk?

So many great songs. This song has got me three some berry hard times in my life Love this song Goes out to my mother passed away of cancer and medical conditions. I would still def hit that, ya know LeAnn Before making jack comments like that u might be surprised to know the lead also wrote most of their music! They have many albums with a loyal fan group!! The guy is what you see and hear!

LOL This is shit country. There is soo much truth in this song,and that's why it one of my fave.

I recently moved from Shreveport to Arizona, I honestly understand this song a lot more. Couldn't wait to get out of my little town now I wish I was back home This song hits ur soul Which i am I've gotta say LeAnn Womack What a beautiful lady still is with a God given voice. And if only today's youngsters didn't twist country music so much into other genres that already exist we might still hear other great country bands make it to Nashville radio.

I'm just like most people now. They take pleasure in someone else's pain. I just don't care about people anymore. Simple as that! Hands down one of the greatest performers of my generation. The energy is amazing. I saw them at least 10 times. Illinois loves you. How many of us can relate now!!!!????

Missing lyrics by cross canadian ragweed?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired. P Scotty lee Jones. I had it all. And now I'm going after what is mine.

Wade bowen, jamie lin wilson + more tribute cody canada, cross canadian ragweed on new live album [exclusive premiere]

Sick n tired. I no where my heart is. Why the hell are there over thumbs down?

One of the most powerful emotional tunes ever written. I seen Leanne Womack a few years ago in concert. A true class act! I love this song hope they do another one together it's perfect. Its so funny how there is one song in this world that describe s your heart break or your life Got to see them in person and it's still one of the best concert I have seen. Well, this was his favorite song, so we played it all through the funeral.

My middle son was only 26 yrs. Thank u. This band was so good, very sad they broke up but understand the member had or 2 with that awful condition that I cannot recall right now. I know it has different stages and I have a friend that has a son who has it, it is terrible to hear of how bad he is with it. Autisic is what it is called. Go to my link and up now!! Lovev this song and they sound really great with Lee Ann Womack backing them. I'm drinking a cold one, wondering if this'll be the last one i have.

But damn boy am i glad that i had some cross Canadian ragweed if it is. Wish soooo bad I could these guys in concert!! My brother passed away in and this was his favorite song ever!! When I hear it I think of him. We love you Cross Canadian Ragweed!!!!! They've reorganized as Cody Canada and The Departed. Set list is mostly Ragweed. Good shit! Kevin Bamwoya you're definetely entitled to your opinion, I guess it's not for everyone Got your bag on your shoulder, Never thought once about thinkin' it over. Feel like you're the only one, Who's ever been in a bad situation.

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Cross canadian ragweed - sick and tired lyrics

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