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If you are a Christian and have ever felt disappointed, frustrated, or even angry with your husband, you are not alone. You may not know what to do or where to turn. I can relate, because I have been there. The first thing you should know is that it is totally normal for Christian couples to struggle. Christians are not perfect, nor do they suddenly become relationship experts when they follow Christ. Communication is a huge challenge in marriagewhether or not you are a Christian.


Marriage is a wonderful but a difficult journey we all have to take at some point in our lives. One of the most important marriage tips and solution for couples dealing with Christian marriage problems is working as a team to overcome the obstacles they are facing. Many marriages have failed simply because couples often times try to fix their marriage problems individually or by taking advice from someone outside the marriage.

5 ways to face your relationship issues with honesty

Working on the problems together as a team will bring you closer and strengthen your christian marriage. Communication is a key to successful marriage. Keeping the lines of communication open in a marriage is essential to a successful union.

You must learn to talk to your partner about anything in order to keep your marriage functioning. One of the most common Christian marriage problems many couples face is lack of communication. Many marriages fail because the couple cannot communicate with one another. On many occasions, couples often feel they share nothing in common, and they barely speak to each other in the marriage.

Create and spend more time with your spouse, it will help you find some new things or activities you both like and want to share together. Another factor that causes communication problem in marriage is conflicts.

Christian relationship advice: 5 ways to ruin a relationship

In marriage, conflicts arise for many reasons especially since two people from different backgrounds are involved, there will be differences of views. Being able to maintain a good relationship with your partner is indeed a very crucial factor in saving your marriage. For if one of them should fall, the other one can raise his partner up. Are you and your spouse currently struggling with some challenges and keeping your family intact your goal? There are Christian marriage problems solving tips that can help to avoid the conflicts.

Although no marriage is perfect and all couples will one-way encounter problems of some kind be it big or small. Christian marriage problems exist because there are two people involved. Often times a couple starts out trying to resolve a problem by discussing it but later ends up quarreling and insulting one another. Soon the main goal changes to see who can hurt the other person the most.

Yelling, arguing and accusing your spouse will only make the matter worst. Instead, set a time and keep to it to settle your differences. Listening is very important. Same Christian relationship advice problems you want others to listen to you and express your feelings, your spouse is also feeling many things and they need to be able to talk to you about them, openly and honestly without fear of being verbally attacked back with their words. It will help you to understand how they are feeling. All Christian couple must learn to show appreciation to whatever each partner does to make the marriage successful.

As a Christian when last time did you tell him how much you appreciate his efforts when he helps with house chores, pay the bills, care for your children, spend quality time with you and your children, or when he presents you a gift? Being a husband, when last time did you tell your wife how beautiful she is or how much you appreciate her contribution in providing for your home needs or for fulfilling her role as a loving wife and a caring mother.

Appreciating one another will create a bond that will make you want to quickly end a quarrel just to hear those lovely comments once again.

And how to fix them

It hard to stay in a marriage without hurting each other. The level of the sin committed may vary but one must learn to forgive and let go of any grudges.

Forgiveness does not mean we are no longer aware of what happened, it means we will not bring it up again to hurt the other person with it anymore. A good Christian must learn to forgive his or her partner when the confession of sin is made known to us.

This might with be difficult in certain cases but then ask God to help and give you the heart to overlook his or her mistakes and forgive.

Pray about all Christian marriage problems arising in your home. Before addressing any serious problems pray about the matter. Ask God for wisdom on how to handle marriage problems. God is our father and will never want his children to have a broken home. All Christian marriage problems could be solved with the help of God and your constant efforts.

Relationship issues

Always look for a marriage problem solution and you definitely will find it! Related articles: How to set priorities order in Christian family?

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How often have you heard that phrase mentioned?


Every Christian single who gets into a new relationship wants it to work.


They are careful not to touch or speak to each other for fear of the dirty looks and sarcasm that always bubbles near the surface.


Although Christians need to go about solving those problems a little differently, the reasons for Christian relationship problems are the same.