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I am wanting to escape the city for a while and the Bocas is somewhere i have always wanted to visit, it has everything i am looking for.


Bocas del Toro also has white sand beaches, vibrant and diverse coral reefs, palm tree-lined islets, world-class surf, and clear Caribbean waters.

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A booming economy is great, but an unsustainable booming economy is a recipe for disaster in the long term. We believe this will not only make your visit more fulfilling but also help to make Bocas del Toro a model for sustainable tourism. And it starts with you! And, although our society places a high level of prestige on those that get a lot of likes; the ability for these animals to get likes has caused their populations to sharply decline especially in the areas specifically named after them, like Starfish Beach and Red Frog Beach.

Take a picture next to them. Or, just take a picture of them. The negative effects of this activity are proven and should be obvious.

#2 thing you shouldn’t do: go on dolphin watching tours to dolphin bay

What if someone came and picked you up, held you underwater for several minutes to pose for an Instagram picture, and then dropped you back on land. The Bocas Dolphinour uniquely evolved bottlenose dolphin species, has had enough. They do not enjoy being chased around by boats an hour. The pandemic has shown us that these dolphins do, in fact, love a Bocas that is free of this kind of tourism.

The negative effects of single-use plastics are felt even more on small islands in developing countries. It is especially felt here in Bocas, where the local population is estimated to be 16, residents, with overvisitors each year. Learn everything you need to know about Bocas del Toro, Panama, with our ultimate travel guide.

Panamanians are generally very conservative when it comes to the way they dress except on beachesand the streets of Bocas Town are no exception. Bocas Town is not just a tourist town. Real people do live there.

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They go to church, walk their kids to school, and hang out in the park. Walking around shirtless or in a bikini is just not what grandma wants to see.

And we recommend you try to experience more than just one place and one island during your stay. Additionally, when you are choosing your accommodation, we encourage you to seek out eco-friendly and community-friendly places. If you support those that are doing good in the islands, more will want to follow in their footsteps! Read our Island and Area Guide to find out which places are best for you!

7 things you should not do in bocas del toro (and what to do instead)

So on the surface, Bocas del Toro is all about white sand beaches, turquoise waters, thick rainforests, and world-class surf. One of the best ways to experience this and to support it is by participating in one of the tours that they offer or volunteering your time. As Panama reopens the country for tourism, we ask that you please do come to visit us. This will not only help us stop the spread of the COVID in our community, but also to help us avoid further lockdowns which have been so damaging to our economy.

We want our community to remain open, safe, and healthy so we can continue to provide world-class experiences for our visitors! We have to work together in order to ensure a sustainable future for Bocas del Toro, and all tourism destinations for that matter.

Now more than ever is it important that we, as travelers, take responsibility for our actions while abroad. We must respect the communities and environments that we visit. In the end, where we put our dollar is one of the most powerful drivers for change.

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Or the Red Frogs Helina demonstrating the proper starfish instagramming technique. Starfish get likes.

#1 thing you shouldn’t do: touch the starfish! (or the red frogs)

Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs the size of a nickel, also get likes. Just leave them be in their natural habitat to eat, jump around, or whatever they do. Several times a day.

How would that make you feel? They hate not being able to communicate with their group members while they hunt.

And they certainly do not like dying from boat collisions. You can help the Dolphins by: Finding a responsible boat captain that will take you on a private tour to this area who will respect the dolphin-watching rules. Stay at an eco-lodge in Dolphin Bay and view the dolphins by kayak or paddleboard.

Bring a reusable bag for groceries or buy one here and take it home with you.

Making solo travel easier

Plastic bags are banned in the islands, so you will need one anyway! Eat at restaurants, or bring a Tupperware container and utensils with you, so you can avoid using styrofoam and plastic utensils for takeaway. Visit the Plastic Bottle Village to learn more about this issue and how Bocas del Toro is tackling it! Read Now. June 4, .

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Bocas del Toro with a dating guide then we have you covered.


Not because it is full of people eager to party then complete their dive masters course the day after but because it is full of party-goers and those long-lost travellers that have somehow lost their way.