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Would you be brave enough to go on a blind date, knowing the entire thing is being caught on camera? One photographer is holding innovative blind date photoshoots during which the subjects pose together in engagement-style photos which have seen some couples generate genuine chemistry. She appealed to singletons who were looking for love and willing to take part, and after being inundated with offers, soon paired applicants Karmon Waite, 32, and Daniel Allen, who turned 27 on the day of the shoot.


Blind dates are usually filled with awkward hellos, nerve-racking goodbyes, and a whole lot of small talk in-between. Unless, of course, you're in the hands of Indiana photographer Lindsey McCaffrywhose blind date photo shoots include exciting surprises, gorgeous waterfalls, and steamy kisses. All of the above were part of Josie Jones and Damon Coe's first date — and it went so well that they've already been on a second.

Insider spoke with Jones, Coe, and McCaffry about their instant chemistry on setwhy blind date photo shoots are so great for forming connections, and what's next for them.

3 blind date stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

McCaffry initially scheduled to shoot Jones' blind date on the same day that she photographed Daniel Allen and Karmon Waite, whose pictures were an instant hit on social media last month. But when the man that McCaffry had selected for Jones dropped out at the last minute, she decided to hold another model call to find the year-old a new match. The opportunity to do the shoot was extra special for Jones, who has spent the last 18 months helping her mother through cancer treatments.

This was something I had to do for myself. I thought it was going to be a one in a million shot. McCaffry included "typical dating service questions" so that she could match people based on common interests.

Lindsey mccaffry has wanted to do a blind date photo series for years.

How tall are you? Are you married? Do you have kids?

Do you want kids? What kind of music do you like? What does a typical Saturday night look like?

McCaffry liked that Jones and Coe were both family-oriented and had the same taste in music. She had a "gut feeling" that they would be a perfect match.

After the success of McCaffry's first blind date photo shoot, Sebastian Professional offered to provide free styling sessions to the next lucky couple. The company sent over products for Jones and Coe to use, while stylist Angel Cardona provided guidance over Zoom. Jones said the styling session helped her feel far more confident going into the blind date. Just as she did with her first blind date, McCaffry made sure to blindfold Jones and Coe so that she could capture the moment they first saw each other. I was very happy.


Much like Sebastian Professional, Pandora reached out to McCaffry after her first photo shoot and asked to be part of the next date. The Danish jewelry company donated its newest collection for Coe to gift to Jones during the shoot, including earrings, rings, a necklace, and a charm bracelet. The first couple just kind of did their own thing and treated it as a date.

This couple treated it as a date as well, but were more inclined to look at us.

We told each other jokes when they were taking pictures and got to know each other. McCaffry was ecstatic when she started taking pictures at the waterfall and saw Jones and Coe's electric chemistry together. McCaffry believes her blind date photo shoots have been so popular on social media because "everybody loves a good love story.

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Josie Jones and Damon Coe took part in a blind date photo shoot that has captivated social media. Their electric chemistry was captured by Indiana photographer Lindsey McCaffry, who loves photographing total strangers. Jones and Coe told Insider that they felt an instant connection during the shoot.

Now they're talking every day — and have already been on a second date. Visit Insider's home for more stories.

Lindsey McCaffry has wanted to do a blind date photo series for years. It was Damon Coe's mom who sent him the link to apply for Josie Jones' blind date photo shoot. McCaffry paired Jones and Coe together because their answers to her application questions were "very similar. Before their first date, a stylist from Sebastian Professional virtually helped Jones and Coe get ready.

It was damon coe's mom who sent him the link to apply for josie jones' blind date photo shoot.

As they headed to the shoot, Jones and Coe were nervous about seeing each other for the very first time. Jones and Coe couldn't hold back their excitement when they got to take their blindfolds off. As the shoot began, Coe surprised Jones with flowers and jewelry.

McCaffry quickly realized that Jones and Coe were far more nervous than the couple from her first blind date photo shoot. To help settle their nerves, McCaffry spent more time doing "cute warm-up photos.

And as the shoot continued, Coe and Jones kept finding moments to talk and learn more about each other. By the time they got to the waterfall, McCaffry said it was like photographing a "totally different couple.

And Jones said it was "so much fun" to shoot passionate photos in front of the waterfall. Jones' favorite photo is the picture of Coe holding her leg as they went in for their very first kiss.

A day after the shoot, McCaffry shared the photos of Jones and Coe on Facebook — where they were an instant hit. The shoot went so well that Jones and Coe went on a second date just days later.

With two successful blind date photo shoots under her belt, McCaffry said she's convinced that it's far easier to photograph strangers "than a real couple. McCaffry is already planning her next blind date photo shoot, and can't wait to do many more in the future.

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