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At first, I really enjoyed watching and somethings search for love and marriage in this traditional manner. By the end of the eight-episode series, however, I felt nauseous. Unlike some of my white friends who watched on carefree, I was disturbed by the obvious displays of classism, ethnocentrism, and colourism in the show. The Netflix series glossed over this uglier side of matchmaking, but as a Black American Muslim woman who has ly been rejected by potential suitors based solely on race and ethnicity, I cannot look past it. And when I say dating, I mean dating-to-marry, because as an observant Muslim, I only pursue romantic relationships with one goal in mind: marriage. I encounter the same annoyances found within Western dating culture Muslim Black muslims meet too get ghosted, mostedand harassedbut due to cultural baggage that is often conflated with Islamic tradition, I am more likely to come head-to-head with sexism, ageism, and racism.


Whenever I meet someone new, curious about my racially ambiguous features dressed in modest Islamic clothing, including the hijab, they usually ask where are you from? I say Massachusetts. And then they say no, where are you from from? Then they say, oh, when did you convert? I was born and raised Muslim. Sometimes they leave it alone, but oftentimes they keep prodding me, trying to conceive my existence, given that most Muslims inherit their Islamic identity from countries like Somalia, Pakistan or Egypt.

People forget about the existence of the Black American Muslims, like Malcom X, who inspired my grandmother to convert to Islam decades ago. Because I represent two very marginalized groups, Black Americans and Muslim Americans, I must prepare myself to experience the burn of racism in pretty much anything I do. For example, the summer before law school when I started wearing hijab in the suburbs of Dallas, I should have been prepared to face rejection after rejection for the entry-level retail positions I interviewed for.

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And yet, these were mild bouts of prejudice and racism compared to the difficulties I would later encounter in a more personal aspect of my life: dating while Black and Muslim. I was twenty-four when I actively began to search for marriage potentials. I had just graduated from law school and started working in downtown Boston. Because Islam has strict rules about how one interacts with the opposite gender, places to meet single Muslims are few and far between.

I figured the best place to start was the mosque. So, over the next year, I became a regular congregant, making new friends while volunteering or attending classes to Black muslims meet my Islamic knowledge and deepen my spiritual practice. As I got more familiar with the community, I started asking my new friends to help me find a Muslim bachelor that was around my age mid to late twentieseducated, and religious.

I thought it would be easy. The city was brimming with graduates from MIT or Harvard who would often pass through the mosque to at least attend Friday prayer. Surley, one of those guys had to be a good fit. Then, in the summer ofI met this guy named M.

We were introduced one night, after taraweehthe late night prayers held during Ramadan, by a mutual friend who offered us both a ride home.

Over the course of the car ride, we did the usual back and forth introductory chatter. I was drawn to him. I learned that he was thirty, originally from Lebanon, but had been living in the U. Black muslims meet for the last ten years for school and then work.

He was smart— a computer analyst turned entrepreneur, with a quick tongue, and a bold sense of humor. As soon as he found out I was a newly minted lawyer, he was all about the compliments, asking for my business card and promising to send me clients, friends of his needing help with immigration issues. However, when we pulled up to my apartment, no other contact info was exchanged.

So my only hope was to bump into him again at the mosque. And bump into him I did. Just like when I studied Roman architecture in college and began noticing Roman influence everywhere, I grew accustomed to picking him out in a sea of people.

I wanted to know more about him. I needed to know about his past, his family, and his religious practice to determine if this was someone worthy of entering into marriage talks with. So I used my channels of information my friends, his friends, the imam to gather intel and more importantly find out if he was talking to anyone the code word for dating with the intention of marrying. When the reliable sources came back to me saying there was no one, I bravely admitted I was interested, and asked if they thought we would make a good match fulfilling the concept of taking shura.

In fact, one of the sources actually laughed in my face when I said I was interested in him.

She told me he would never seriously consider me for marriage. He, of course, loved the attention as players usually doand sent me mixed als as we worked together on various projects at the mosque. Finally, news broke in late December that he was engaged to an American Lebanese girl.

I never even had a chance. I had a few married friends whose husbands had a fair amount of single friends that fit my bare bones requirements similar age, educated, and religious. Although I was open with them about my search, they never brought me any potential suitors.

I later discovered they mostly knew American born, South Asian and Arab bachelors who only wanted to marry someone that shared their culture. I should have known though. Our ummah in the U. S has a reputation for being segregated. In my hometown in Dallas, my family would masjid hop during Ramadan between the Sudani masjid, the Pakistani masjid, and then the Arab masjid.

Welcome to lovehabibi - the online meeting place for people of black ethnicity looking for muslim dating. whether you're looking to just meet new people in or possibly something more serious, connect with other islamically-minded black men and women and land yourself a dream date.

All were beautiful representations of Islamic tradition, but all very insular, and not always the most welcoming to outsiders. Even going to Islamic conventions with thousands of Muslims, I find that there is an overwhelming majority of one ethnic group usually South Asian or Arab.

At first glance it seems like a harmless occurrence. We form groups as coping mechanisms in an Anglo-Saxon land where traditions can easily get lost in a sea of whiteness. These feelings led me to a deeper shame in realizing I was being ungrateful for the blessings God had bestowed upon me. Then in January, I went on Umrah. During the pilgrimage, I found myself surrounded by thousands and thousands of worshippers from across the world.

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I was captivated by the various colors and styles of the women in hijab. All around me there were pools of pink, blue, green, and white hijabs with matching djellaba, abaya, or niqab. The variety of styles represented the multitude of countries, skin colors and languages that made up the diverse group of pilgrams that gathered to walk in the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.

Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted [ ].

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After two weeks on that blessed journey, I returned home with a newfound sense of peace. Recognizing the beauty of that verse, and having lived it while in that holy place, I came to realize that the man I was destined to be with was someone who really practiced the words of our Creator.

He would be someone who understood that biases and prejudices from cultural traditions, should not play a part in dictating marriage partners. I hope and pray that our community comes to realize the danger of perpetuating the isms and instead acts to serve as a beacon of inclusivity and acceptance. Nailah Dean lives in San Francisco. Nailah has had her short story about faith and career published in an anthology, One Nation, Indivisible, and serves as a contributor to various columns on Medium.

Her current project is a memoir about the Muslim dating world. Photo Credit. I wonder why the author found herself looking for arab or south east asians. Maybe widen her field of choice.

Black muslim speaks out; the "devil" catches hell when black muslims meet; ghances in non-white population revamps u. s. racial situation

The problem here is the implicit prejudice and racism in the Muslim society, unfortunately predominantly among Arab Muslims. It puts us to shame considering western non-Muslims make more of a stand to end racism. JazakAllah Khayran sister…. It has never been my nature to attract romantic love, or to stumble into it unawares. I was discreet, invisible, unseen, unheard. I was content with being a colleague, a classmate, an acquaintance — nothing more.

It has also never been my nature to share myself with others. I have always written, but have been too shy to share it publically. Tags Black Americans dating gender segregation.

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Zara, can you briefly walk us through your story — how you started and how you got to where you are today.