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A aberrant. When used as a prefix or suffix to a date, it indicates the of years elapsed since the supposed date of the birth of Christ. Used primarily for woodworking. Loess and sand dunes are typical aeolian deposits.

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The use of specialized films can render visible features which could not otherwise be detected. Topographic relief can be emphasized by photographing in the morning or early evening when shadows are most pronounced. Post human activity may be indicated by the patterning of different soil types or by the mosaic of vegetational types which they support.

Cereals are particularly important in this regard, and study of such crop marks can reveal the presence of buried foundations and ro. Thus, aerial photography may be used not only as a technique for the discovery of new sites, but as a means of appreciating the context or setting of a ly-known site. Agate Basin.

In outline form, the points are neither notched nor stemmed and range in length from 5 to l5 cm. Flaking is horizontal and it is this trait that serves to distinguish them from the Angostura morphological characteristics. Agate Basin sites occur throughout the North American plains and adjacent areas. A small of Agate Basin sites have been excavated in Manitoba but many of the characteristic points occur in surface collections.

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The complex occurs within the late Palaeo-Indian or Plano Period and is believed to represent the material culture of nomadic bison hunting peoples. An example would be part of a river bank upon which sediments are regularly deposited during the spring flood.

Specimens are as much as 20 cm in length, parallel-sided with blunt tips, and stemmed. They have fairly frequently been recovered from sites which also contained Scottsbluff points and for this reason have been attributed by some to the Cody Complex or to the Horner Phase. In a very general way, they are vaguely similar to Scottsbluff points but tend to be larger, and have relatively longer stems. Alberta points are most common in Alberta and Saskatchewan, but a few have been recovered in surface collections in southwestern Manitoba.

Algonkian or Algonquian.

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The term derives from the Algonkin or Algonquin people who resided in the Ottawa and St. Lawrence River valleys. Often used in conjunction with a plane tablethe relative position of objects is determined by triangulation. The term Atlantic Climatic Episode is now more commonly used for this mid- post glacial interval.

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Anderson Corner-notched. As originally defined, these points are relatively long 30 to 68 mm and narrow with straight bases and expanding stems. This deation is less commonly used than ly. Anderson Focus.

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It was later deated the Anderson Phase by Mayer-Oakes l Hlady l finally advocated the grouping of the Anderson with the other Middle Woodland focus Nutimik due to a general absence of distinguishing artifactual traitsand further proposed that this new entity be deated the Laurel Phase.

The suggestion met with universal acceptance and the earlier term is no longer used. Angostura points, sometimes termed "Lusk" points, are long and narrow, lanceolate in outline form, rhomboidal in cross section, and have concave or straight bases Agogino, et al. They are very similar to Agate Basin points in terms of morphologyage and geographic distribution, but may be distinguished by parallel oblique flaking Pettipas l as opposed to the horizontal flaking which characterizes Agate Basin specimens.

Some lithic materials may produce more regular planes of fracture subsequent to controlled annealing and some metals may be rendered less brittle. In North America, anthropology consists of four subfields: archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics and physical anthropology.

This method is generally used when a site does not possess natural stratigraphy and cannot, therefore, be excavated stratum by stratum.

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In North America, some archaeologists view their task as the cultural anthropology of the past while others restrict themselves to the culture history or the chronicling of events of a particular area. Archaeology may deal with either prehistory or history -- that period since the introduction of written records.

In Manitoba, the term is most commonly used in reference to a period ca.

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It is roughly contemporaneous with the Middle Prehistoric or Meso-Indian Period or Stage -- the second of the two three-staged schemes of plains prehistory. By definition, Archaic assemblages do not include ceramics -- the latter constituting the major technological marker of the Woodland Period. By the end of the Archaic Period, the atlatl has largely replaced the spear as a hunting implement, but the bow has not yet been introduced; human groups remain mobile, but only seasonally so, operating within more restricted geographic areas; and plant foods have come to play a more important role in subsistance.

Archival information and the findings of historic archaeology often complement one another, providing more information on a historic site or time period than could either method of inquiry alone. The tradition is so named due to the extremely small, finely worked tools which these people manufactured. Notable examples include burins, micro blades and side-blades.

Manitoba occurrences of this tradition include the Pre-Dorset and Dorset "cultures" which some have reason to believe are ancestral to Inuit culture. Sites containing these materials are restricted to the northeastern quarter of the province. Feathers fletchings may be attached to stabilize the arrow in flight, and a stone, bone or metal tip arrowhead may be fitted to Bissett Manitoba women seeking men its capacity for penetration.

If the means of propulsion cannot with certainty be identified as a bowthe term projectile point is more properly used. The term may also be used of broken artifactsthe fragments or sherds of which lie in their original relative positions. Occasionally, the term is used in the more restricted sense of a completed object as opposed to the associated detritus. Arvilla Complex. As defined by Johnson l it is characterized by flexed primary and bundled secondary interment below linear or circular mounds.

Grave goods include both utilitarian and ornamental objects. National Topographic Series maps; the vertical height of an object as measured from the mean elevation of high and low tides. The term is less frequently used than ly.

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Aspen Parkland. It comprises a mosaic of grassland interspersed with groves of white birch, white spruce, balsam poplar and most commonly, trembling aspen. A minority of writers use this term in reference to the material remains of a culture or associated with a phase.

It is often assumed that such artifacts were deposited at the same time by people of the same culture. Athapap Culture. The complex included Athapap LanceolateEvans Lanceolate and Baker's Narrows Corner- notched projectile points, biface blades, scrapers, drills and gravers. Hlady estimated the age of the culture at to years. Athapaskan or Athabascan. Athapaskan speakers were originally distributed from the arctic to the American southwest and as far west coastal California.

The principal Athapaskans in Maitoba at contact were the Chipewyan who occupied the extreme north of the province. This episode dated at to 3ll0 B. Wendland lwitnessed the spread of grasslands at the expense of forest in southern Manitoba, and probably an influx of grassland adapted fauna such as bison and the late Plano hunters who preyed upon them. It consists of a board, approximately 70 cm in length with a longitudinal groove to receive the dart or spear and a hook at one end which makes contact with the butt end of the projectile.

The atlatl is held by the end opposite the hook, and a small polished stone may be attached immediately behind the grip to lend balance.

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By serving essentially as an extension of the thrower's arm, a projectile can be propelled 60 per cent further than would otherwise be possible. An experienced user can maintain a practical degree of accuracy at distances on the order of 80 m. Theoretically an artifact possesses an infinite of attributes, but an archaeologist will limit himself to those he believes to be diagnostic -- those which will provide him with the information he is seeking.

As defined by Kehoe lthe Avonlea point is small and well-made with V- or U-shaped side- notches above a generally concave base and small ears. In some cases, Avonlea points may be easily confused with some of the other small side-notched points of this period. Other Avonlea Phase artifacts include lithic scrapers, bifaces, choppers and ceramic vessels. Avonlea is represented at a of sites in southwestern Manitoba where these people pursued a way of life focusing on the communal hunting of bison.

The occupation of the province by Avonlea people is estimated to have occurred between approximately A. See Reeves l for the most recent statement on Avonlea.

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