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The glitzy nightclubs in PattayaThailand have made it a party destination for locals and tourists alike. The happening nightlife comprises of groovy music, flashing lights, headbanging international DJs, fancy bars, lively crowds, and an energetic party vibe.


The nightclubs in Pattaya are some of the best in all of Thailand. The great thing is that the clubs play a wide variety of music.

This city is a huge tourist hot spot. This means that you will see all types of foreigners there, and most of the places I list here will be quite busy every night especially during the high season.

Pattaya clubs

So no matter which venue you choose, you will usually find a lively crowd, with a good mix of people. A good portion of these party goers will be single gentlemen who specifically come to Thailand to party with the girls in Pattaya. So it must be mentioned that these nightclubs will have both freelancers, and normal girls.

Which is why I have also noted the percentage of freelancers that you should expect in each venue. If you want to avoid the clubs with the freelancers, then just look at the clubs with lowest percentage of them. So most of the freelancers and dancers from the nearby bars tend to visit these clubs, especially as the night progresses. It is around 1 AM when most places will start to get busy, and the party vibe starts to kick it.

It gives you enough time to hit up another nearby nightclub if you feel that it is not happening for you. Most of them close around 4 AM. Keep in mind that you may want to stay in a hotel near Walking Street to make it more convenient for yourself.

The thing about the nightclubs on walking street is that they have different vibes to them. If you want the big room clubs with international DJs it has that. Or maybe you prefer a more intimate setting, it has that too.

11 best nightclubs in pattaya to enjoy the city nightlife

One of more fancier nightclubs on Walking Street, If you want a more upscale experience then this is probably the place for you. Another thing to know is that this place attracts a fair share of Russian chicks most of the freelancers.

So you get a nice mix of Thai girls and Russian girls. And although it is one of the older nightclubs, it is still one of the best places to party in Pattaya.

Most popular nightlife in pattaya

There are also two sections here. The entrance area has its own room, which plays top 40 and Pop music.

The crowd inside gets lively, and a good portion of the women here are freelancers working and looking to meet some foreigners. It is not a big place, so once it gets busy around midnight you can expect to have a great time. The place has an an intimate vibe, top of the line sound system, and the lighting effects are pretty good too. Just like some of the other nightclubs I mentioned here, Insomnia has two sections.

The ground floor has an interesting vibe, it is both club, and something like a bar with great view into Pattaya Bay. There are also a few pool tables. A favorite club for tourists, and young local Thai women.

10 best nightlife in pattaya

But you do also get a few foreign girls, or couples that come to party here on any given night. But a good majority of the girls will be either looking to find customers, or simply party with foreigners.

The Candyshop is on the lower floor. It has an outdoor seating great for people watchingand a inside area with a main bar where live bands play and DJ. DJs play some heart throbbing tracks that make you want to dance with the many local Thai girls who come here to party.

The best nightclubs in pattaya []

The majority of them are freelancers or bar girls from the beer bars in Pattaya who want to go clubbing after their shift. A fairly large nightclub. It has excellent de, with a high-class feel to it.

The premium sound system and lighting effects add to the effect on the senses. You will also find some attractive coyote dancers around, enticing the and motivating the party-goers.

10 best nightclubs in pattaya

Most of the club has stools and tables around, making it perfect to some with a date. It got that name from the red Cadillac car that is hoisted up against the wall by the front entrance. There are few pool tables around by the entrance, and dance floor and DJ area a bit farther into the back. Although it is not my favorite nightclub in Pattaya, I must admit that I have had some cool times here. It gets more lively later in the week, try and go here on Friday and Saturday if you want to get the full experience of the place.

With a good sound system, and LED screens near the front area. If you like pool be happy to know that there are quite a few tables where you can play, while still enjoying the nightclub vibes. Due to its size it is recommended to go during the weekends, so the crowds can fill up the disco properly, thus giving the party-goers the best experience.

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Table of Contents. The Lucifer Disco lures party goers in for a memorable experience in Sin City. Tourists on their way to up the escalator to Mixx Disco, one of the best clubs in Pattaya. The always lively Insomnia and Ibar illuminate Walking Street. Search this website.

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Nightlife in Pattaya entirely deserves its international reputation.


The best nightclubs in Pattaya are a big part of what makes the city such a renowned party destination.