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Colorado is a state which attracts people for its natural beauty, majestic mountains and mild weather. Red Rocks Amphitheatre located in Morrison, Colorado is a must-see, especially for the lover of live music. The only naturally-occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheatre in the world should be part of any cultural enthusiast's bucket list. Though not officially one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, it continues to be a place of wonderment in our minds as music groups dream of one day playing on the magnificent stage. See your favorite band in an amphitheatre etched into the mountainside over-looking Denver's distant cityscape. Every seat is guaranteed a view which will not disappoint.


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I knew immediately that a blog post was imminent so I could share this super cool natural structure with my readers and learn a bit more about it myself. The Precambrian is considered a supereon which can further be split into several eons on the geologic time scale. It stretched from 4. This Precambrian rock formed the base of the Ancestral Rocky Mountains.

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During the Paleozoic time period spanning from to Fossils of marine plants and animals have even been found right in the Rocky Mountains! In time, this sea left behind layers upon layers kilometers deep of sedimentary deposits like limestone and dolomite.

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Though the exact beginning and end of the sub-period is accepted as hard to pinpoint, about This sub-period is defined in North America as being marked by the rock bed formation of marine limestone, or simply a timeframe characterized by lowland continental deposits. Better study up! So, we had our Precambrian igneous rock already established in this area.

Over huge spans of time, parts of this rock were roughly eroded or metamorphosed. The region then received layers of sedimentary rock formation during the Paleozoic era and the Pennsylvania sub-period. Also during the Pennsylvanian, the ancestral Precambrian rock was disturbed by the natural mountain building processes of the Ancestral Rocky Mountains.

The metamorphic rock underneath Beauty at Redrocks forced upward through the limestone left over from the time when this area was underwater. The mountains further eroded through time leaving even more sediment exposed. The Fountain nonconformably covers that ancestral Precambrian rock I just talked about, much of what remains consisting of granite and gneiss. A nonconformity exists between sedimentary rocks and metamorphic or igneous rocks when the sedimentary rock lies above and was deposited on the pre-existing and eroded metamorphic or igneous rock.

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Namely, if the rock below the break is igneous or has lost its bedding due to metamorphism, the plane of juncture is a nonconformity. See the difference in the rocks on the right side vs. Because of the mountain forming and erosion, in Colorado there are tons of jagged red rock structures especially hanging around the Front Range of the Rockies.

The red color comes from the granite Beauty at Redrocks gneiss from which the Fountain Formation was eroded. The Fountain Formation left us with the monoliths that a smart man with a vision once looked at and realized they were the perfect, NATURAL acoustic setting for an amphitheater with a one-of-a-kind view. Walker eventually set up a temporary stage platform and enticed many artists to perform between the years of and His pitch was a success, and inarchitect Burnham Hoyt was hired to de the amphitheater. Actual construction took 12 years to complete, but carved into the sandstone now exists an awe-inspiring entertainment venue that attracts some of the best artists to its stage each and every year.

The views, nature and wildlife that can be experienced at Red Rocks Amphitheater and the surrounding Red Rocks Park, a total of acres, are truly one-of-a-kind! The amphitheater is the only natural-occurring perfect acoustic amphitheater in the world, and road s here label it a landmark in geological formation.

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One can hike, bike, shop, dine, hear concerts and watch movies here. They are even doing a special showing of Purple Rain on May 12th! Groups and individuals also gather here to exercise by using the tall stairs leading down into the amphitheater. There seems to be a flourish of activity at almost any time of the day. The park is an area of land where the plains meet the mountains and this introduces a nice variety of landscape views. And lucky me, all I have to do is drive a couple miles down the road until Red Rocks comes into view!

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When we visited Colorado in October before we moved here, we attempted to explore the Amphitheater but were one of the first people to be denied entry that day due to concert preparation for a show later that evening. But we did decide to do some hiking in Red Rocks Park and that was just as beautiful. These are a couple of my pictures from the trail:. We heard that in the warmer months, a rain in the mountains can result in landslides and general chaos leading a person into danger.

Or death. The particular day we hiked Red Rocks Park, it rained. Bad Company and Joe Walsh?! The Flaming Lips???? Holy bank ! Bob Dylan.

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Ben Harper. Modest Mouse.

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Pick me! Do you have ants in your pants yet? Tedeschi Trucks band. Trampled by Turtles. Ryan Adams. Old Crow. Dirty He. Nathaniel Rateliff.

The beauty in red rocks amphitheater

It has really and truly been nice knowing you all but that was just the end for me. My musical heart blew up and exploded and I am now done. Any of these catch your eye? Tell me about it or a time when any of these artists were your best show ever! Very interesting and well researched. Powered by Authorize net woocommerce setup.

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