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When we talk about most beautiful womenYemeni women are never behind.


Hadil Alashwal, is a Yemeni national who lived in Yemen for two decades of her life. Having lived in such a patriarchal society for quite long, she is dedicated to fighting for gender equality in Yemen and all around the world. She had the curse of a beautiful face!

I needed to find a reason for all that misery she went through. I felt as if I was supporting that idea — as if I was approving her marriage.

Features of appearance of yemeni women

When I went to congratulate her, the first thing I saw was the innocent eyes. Her name was Sama which means sky in Arabic and she had the most innocent blue eyes I have ever seen. She seemed muddled marrying a man about two decades older than her.

She smiled, shyly. I left the wedding immediately full of sorrow. I tried to convince myself that she would be okay because I neither knew how her life would eventually turn out nor her actual situation.

Lifting the moratorium on the death penalty: a sri lankan perspective

Just stop expecting that you know what is best for her, I thought to myself. Two years later, the war starts in Yemen. Her husband was killed in one of the drone strikes.

She became a year-old widow. I never went to see her.

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I did not want to see her misery. I guess I never wanted to believe she was real. All I knew was what my mother had told me.

She said that she had been crying non-stop for days staring at his picture situated along the corridor wall. I never stopped asking myself, whether she was grieving for him or for her uncertain future. I cannot imagine how the whole situation must have drained her. I cannot begin to comprehend how devastating it must have been for her to be sold and resold by her own family while everyone else watched and even encouraged it!

I dreamt of that beautiful face many days after. I always wondered what wrong she had done other than being pretty in a society that consumes beauty in a barbarian way. Child marriage is very common in Yemen and around the world.

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According to Girls not Brides, every year 12 million girls get married before the age of 18! In the U. S federal system, state legislatures set the minimum age of marriage for each state. The minimum age in most states is 18, but exceptions in every state allow those younger than 18 to marry or get married.

Laws in 23 states do not set a minimum age below which cannot marry. The fact that there is no minimum age of marriage in Yemen makes it convenient for many families to marry off their daughters so that they can be relieved of the cost of their care. Sadly, some even sell their daughters for dowry payments. In view of the foregoing, the question that begs answer is: What can be done to help other young girls who find themselves in situations that are similar to Sama?

It should be emphasised that this change will not happen until we speak up and raise awareness about what is happening to girls in Yemen and around the world. Until their cries and our voices reach decision-makers, the least we can all do, in the meantime, for Sama and many other girls like her is to share her story with our networks.

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How community projects prepare youth with practical skill that shape their futures

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Lifting the moratorium on the death penalty in Sri Lanka has been influenced by the increasing crime rates in the country. Nevertheless, research demonstrates that the imposition of the death penalty is not an effective deterrent in reducing crime rates.

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While on winding ro deep within the Haraz mountains of Northern Yemen, Al-Arashi saw a new potential in the landscape and in a spontaneous fashion—and thus, a project began to take form.