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It's always fun using art supplies with babies, I love engaging with Otto in this way.


Stocking up on craft supplies for rainy day kids activities is a great idea—and one that can turn into so much fun time together! You probably have many of these things already in your house.

And if not, you should be able to pick most of them up at any big box store. You can start a collection of art supplies and add to it once you know which sorts of activities they prefer.

Best art toys and supplies for toddlers

Or you can start with the ones that interest you more. Either way, these are my favorite supplies to use with my. We do crafts together a lot and these are great things to have on hand starting when the kids are at least one year old.

Easy to use and pretty, water color paint is at least in my experience often less messy than washable tempura paint. Just keep the amount of water you offer with the paints to a minimum!

My kids tend to turn any paint into finger paint, but starting with the basics can be a fun activity. Smocks required for this one! This type of paint paper keeps moisture from seeping through, and it stands up much better than construction paper to the heaps of paint little kids tend to use on their projects.

I use this to cover our tables before we do projects and also as a project itself—cover the paper and do a big collaborative coloring de together! Hand some over in a bowl to a one year old and play however seems right or use them to decorate papers, cardboard letters or any other surface. You can also use them to practice sorting shapes and sizes.

Tuck in the ends when using pipe cleaners with toddlers under 3 so the sharper ends are safe, then see what you can create. Make letters and jewelry.

Let the kids string O cereal onto one. Bend around your finger to make a curl. The options are endless!

Top 10 art and craft supplies for one year olds

There are all sorts of things you can make with craft sticks, though this is one item I like to give to my kids and see what they come up with. This is functional for taping projects together, but also pretty. We also like to make des with tape on paper—like simple trees, presents, and spelling out our names.

Washi tape works too. Glue sticks are often easier for toddlers to use than school glue and a lot less messy. For younger toddlers, start with safety scissorsbut then advance to kid scissors to use with paper. It can be fun to simply practice cutting too! Whether you prefer the classic crayons or the chunky toddler crayons, these are a more mess-free option than markers or paint but are still plenty fun to color with.

Art & craft

My 14 month old currently loves to have me help him draw with crayons! Filder Under: ActivitiesAdvice.

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15 best craft supplies for kids

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The freedom to explore and express creativity through art is one of the best gifts you can give your growing toddler.


Kids, especially 1-year-olds , typically enjoy the opportunity to get messy.