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The personality traits of Aries and Cancer as lovers are very different.


Aries may be loud and proud — and occasionally a whole lot of annoying. If the balance is right they can act as each others warrior when battle is required. The trick with these two is to understand their synchronicity and fine tune it like a Stradivarius violin.

Aries and cancer table of contents

Aries and Cancer have the potential to become long and lasting friends. Despite their many differences they are often able to develop a strong bond thanks to their mutual respect for each other. Cancer will be Aries go-to person for relationship advice as they recognize the crabs ability to accurately interpret the human psyche.

Both Aries and Cancer are cardinal s giving them natural leadership qualities and a deep sense of passion. When courting each other they will try to highlight the important aspects of their lives in the hope that the other will want to buy-in and become a part of it. When Aries becomes thrilled to keep Cancers elderly grandmother company and Cancer becomes more outgoing and willing to live out of a suitcase — you can be pretty sure they are attracted to each other.

Mismatched sexual energies?

The answer is of course — romance. This strange personality swap only lasts for a short time however — when the novelty wears off discussions about lines in the sand and limitations must be had. Whilst the Cancer personality likes to nest and put down roots, the Aries personality is forever free-range.

But in a healthy Cancer-Aries relationship they will work to find a middle ground and balance each other out. Though, sometimes their style of negotiation and compromise may look like one step forward, two steps back — imagine 30 changes to an anniversary party in two days.

Their friends may tear their hair out in frustration but this process does mean the two s are in tune. Moodiness can sometimes makes an unannounced appearance and these s are not afraid to be sullen together in public. Just put them on the balcony to hash it out they will be fine in a while. Likewise, when Cancer gets lost in a black hole of emotion for so long that Aries feels dragged down by it — it can create real tension within the relationship.

Cancer and aries compatibility

Should problems arise, some time apart might be necessary to refresh things. Otherwise, tantrum throwing and festering resentment can rear their ugly he leading these two hetrong s to drift apart.

The hues of Aries and Cancer falling in love very much depend on timing. But if the timing is right and both fall in love on a high — then beautiful music will start to play in the cosmos, just like a beautiful orchestra symphony.

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Cancer can teach Aries to get in touch with their emotions whilst Aries teaches Cancer to break out of their shell. This in turns creates relationship solidarity and a stronger bond between the two.

With good and open communication, they can navigate almost any obstacle that they encounter and create a love that lasts. Cancer cannot have sex without emotion whereas Aries will hump a good looking chair — there in lies the problem.

Cancers ruling planet — the moon represents family and parenting. Crabs are sensual, giving creatures that often align sex with procreation and and nurturing. If these s make it to the alter, chances are they will have ironed out most of the relationship creases beforehand.

So long as they are accommodating of each others needs they have a real shot at making the marriage work. Whilst Cancer on the other hand will require downtime to potter and nest. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The Good:.

Compatibility of cancer man and aries woman

Able to bring out the best in each other. The Bad:.

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This will initially get these two in love with each other.


The Aries and Cancer relationship might seem like a questionable connection.


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Aries and Cancer can be challenging relationship to make work.