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There isn't always a malicious reason for breaking up with someone. Sometimes, a breakup happens because of a mutual agreement that the timing just isn't working out for the two of you.


Seek guidance

So John said, at least. Especially through the hard times.

This is why so many people simply throw in the towel and walk away from what could have been a potentially strong relationship. Give this thing another shot.

Getting the one you love back after a mutual breakup

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool you can have as a person. Take a look back at the whole relationship and try to look at it from the outside, observing what exactly happened.

Things clearly went wrong. But also forgiving yourself. Only when you genuinely do this will you be able to go after your ex and start a new chapter together as you work on the shortcomings you had the first time around.

Talk to other people who have had messy breakups and have gotten back together. Consider visiting a therapist to get a professional point of view on the matter. And talk to your mutual friends to get their take on what went wrong and what they think you can do to make things right. Communication is everything, and chances are, the reason the breakup was so bad was that there was a rift that totally destroyed the trust and resulted in a miscommunication; it can be as simple as getting the wrong end of the stick.

Now is your chance to work better at this. Be honest, be kind, and be understanding.

If you want to break the ice then you simply need to show them that you still care for them. Small gestures such as checking in regularly or bringing them a cup of coffee in the morning.

Giving them their space, and remembering things that they said to you. All these things will make a big difference in helping you move forward. The most important move you can make is actually showing your ex that you know and understand what went wrong.

Take responsibility for your actions and talk about how the both of you can move forward to learn from the past. Learn to leave it behind and start over stronger than ever to not make the same mistakes again.

A miscommunication or lack of trust may have lead to a painful breakup, but there is a way back; tips on how you can get back together

You can begin to move forward together. The key is to be patient, attentive, and not place blame. Because this will get you nowhere.

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Question: My ex and were in love and he broke it off because he fell out of love.


Breaking up is hard, especially if you weren't the one to initiate the split.


But the people who say that?


As a team of love and relationship coaches, it is our goal to provide you with the tools and techniques that will allow you to get back together with the one you love and create a relationship that is better than ever before!