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There are plenty of different types of photography out there in the world with varying subject matter, different equipment, and personal techniques.


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There are many different types of photography. Understanding which category a photo falls into will develop your photographic knowledge. You can familiarise yourself with every photography niche. Product links on ExpertPhotography are referral links. If you use one of these and buy something, we make a little bit of money.

Different types of photography

Need more info? See how it all works here. This type of photography stand out from the object world. The use of photographic equipment, processes or materials is important.

They are what make these images possible. Anything adventurephotographed in the outdoors, goes in here. This is a niche photographic area. It includes stunning landscapes and challenging shooting conditions. Advertising photography captures items for posters, billboards, or adverts in magazines or newspapers.

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The internet is also a huge platform for this type of photography. Product photography is similar as it is about selling a product. Advertising photography continues by showing a brand or service.

Sometimes, they can be situational images. Architecture Photography involves photographing buildings and structures. They are accurate representations of the subjects, captured using specialised cameras and techniques. Astrophotography records objects in the night sky. Stars, satellites, and planets are no exception.

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Even black holes, if you have a telescope long enough. It includes Deep S kywhich is the capturing of faraway subjects using a telescope. Black and white photography is the act of capturing a scene without colour. Here, you capture the scene in black and white or convert it during post-processing. Boudoir photography captures intimate and romantic images of subjects.

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They take place in a bedroom or dressing room environment. Boudoir shots can be a gift to a partner on the occasion of an engagement or wedding. Candid photography is the act of capturing subjects without their knowledge. This is helpful in event or street photos, where you want to capture reality. You can be sure of unposed subjects, resulting in real scenes and facial expressions. This is the urban equal of a landscape. They can show a city during the day or at night. You can incorporate many different techniques and perspectives.

Commercial photography requires taking pictures for commercial use. They can promote or sell a product or service.

All type images

Here, photographers are often commissioned or paid beforehand. Examples include photographs for corporate brochures, menus, and leaflets. Crystal ball photography is capturing a scene by using a crystal ball.

You can keep them close to your camera, or place them further away towards the edges. Be wary though; the scene will appear upside down. These types of photography shots tend to be relevant to history and historical events. The images focus on everyday life. Drone or aerial photography is the action of photographing from an airborne object. This can include but are not exclusive to helicopters, planes and drones.

These images get photographed from up-down. Or they utilise an angle to create abstract or realistic images of the landscape.

7 types of photography styles to master

Event photography is photographing guests and scenarios at any event or occasion. These include weddings, product releases, parties, carnivalscorporate photography and live concert photography.

F amily photography is the act of photographing a family in portrait situations. The images show the relationship between those you shoot.

60 types of photography you need to know

They can be staged and posedor candid images to reflect the atmosphere and mood. They are for the family themselves to enjoy. Fashion photography is the act of photographing displayed clothing and other items.

It can happen in studio conditions or at the live catwalk and fashion shows. Fine art photography is where the photographer is the artist. Here, capturing the subject is not the primary purpose. Fine art images can be artistic statements. They have a stronger concept than the same image photographed in a traditional style. A fish-eye photograph comes from using a super-wide-angle lens. This means focal lengths between 8mm to 16mm.

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These images come out very distorted, especially towards the edges. Use it for something that calls for it. Food photography is a niche area of still life photography. In this area, we concentrate on food, ingredients, styling and food-related scenes.

This is also a niche of commercial or editorial photography. The images here become advertisements in magazines. Forced perspective photography is fun to make and to look at. With a forced perspective, the viewer sees a different angle from the subject. You can use this with any kind of photography, as long as you have control over the perspective of your scene. Glamour photography is like portrait photography, usually with female subjects. Boudoir photography is the closest genre. It uses erotic poses which range from clothed to nude images.

They could be for advertising or a style of portraiture. They are more often than not seen as a little seedy. Done well, they can produce some beautiful images. Golden hour photography refers to the hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise.

This is when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. Hehot photography is a genre like portraiture. The difference here is that the photographer only goes for hehots. A hehot is a typical shot of the head and bust. But it can go as far as a torso shot with folded arms. Images such as these are for professional use. Either for online purposes or as a portfolio shot for actors. It was a process that many film photographers used in printing their images.

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It is a combination of different types of photography techniques which provides the viewer a message in the form of art.


While most photographers specialize in one or two different types of photography experimenting with various photography styles can help to expand your skill set.


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