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If you love ice cream, storytelling, and laughing along the way, we'll likely get along well. Yet even in normal times, wedding planning can lead to incessant stress, but when you have to sort through new save the dates, restrictions with vendors, moving your date, and other unexpected concerns, this overwhelm increases tenfold. Although current events have sparked us moving in new ways and adjusting to the uncomfortable, this new way of thinking is always applicable to life, no matter the circumstances. One of the most beautiful things to come out of this year is the of silver linings that peeked through.


You can just sail through and bask in all its glory. There is nothing magical or spectacular about this quote and saying it in your head might not make anything happen or change anything, but in certain times of trials and tribulations it has a power behind it, that if you believe in yourself you will pull through.

Franklin D. When the seas are calm and you are steaming right along, this can represent when everything in your life is going great. You are getting good grades, you are getting hours at work, you are spending time with family and friends, and life just seems grand.

You are out at sea and there is a storm coming, the wind is blowing making big waves, the water is splashing over the boat making it hard to see or move around on the boat. The sky is getting darker making it hard to see the obstacles ahead.

Now comes the rain! Now you have lost your bearings and are being tossed about between the waves.

If you are a new sailor you will be forced to learn the skills on hand that are needed to try to overcome the situation, and if you are a seasoned sailor then the skills and experience from past storms will come to help. We can look at this as a point in our lives where it is not going so well. Something or things are happening in our lives that are testing our skills and making us work harder.

I have a greater appreciation for my Search and Rescue Instructors in making final practicals as hard as humanly possible. There are sides in a pool and even a bottom you can touch. Out to sea, there are neither within your grasp and you better put some of those skills to work or you may not make it back to the ship.

Having to conduct a rescue at 2 a. I also love this quote because I believe God places a balance of smooth seas and rough seas in our lives to keep close to Him and to be able to help others in need.

When the seas are calm we praise God for the blessing and we share the glory with others. When the storms are rough we are forced to put our faith in God and use the skills acquired over the years to help pull us through.

We grow in times of trouble, we grow in our faith sometimes we lose itwe grow in experience, we grow in maturity and we grow in the relationship with others. All these things help mold us into the people we were meant to be.

At Virginia TaeKwonDo, we strive to help our students know how to handle the tough times in life. With adequate training and experience, they can handle any storm that comes their way. Give us a call at or .