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Not been here for a couple of years but arrived in Bangkok today and went to get a few beers from 7 eleven and the cashier pointed to a that says no alcohol sales until 5th. At least that's what I think it said. Apart from the rule banning sales of alcohol between certain hours, and afterthey also ban sales for elections, Buddhist holidays etc.


By giddyupAugust 12, in General Topics. Arrived in BKK on Friday from Pattaya and decided to buy a few beers for the mini-bar instead of paying baht a pop.

The local 7 eleven wouldn't sell me beer until after 5 pm. Buying wholesale quantities is OK any time. My nearest in Patts ignored that particular law but the next one down the road all of half a kilometer enforced it.

As it was a farang-heavy area on the Darkside it boiled down to gain versus risk. Even one of my neighbours a policeman bought beer there during the prohibited hours.

Alcohol in thailand

They had a up stating the hours of restriction but it was not in plain sight. So they're saying school kids should drink 10 ltrs or nothing. Yeah, but it could mess up their education. How else will they know if they can drink that much or not? Seems a bit unfair to me.

Edit: Sorry, I was wrong there, these are the times they are meant to be in school anyway If this is the case, and all Thai's are required to carry their ID cards, would it not have been easier to ask for identification in the first place? Now the schoolkids may have to stay up late and buy their booze at the same time as the rest of us.

Good question giddyup I have three 7 eleven's within 1 klm from where I live, not one has ever refused me alcohol between 2 and 5, so it's obviously not a hard and fast law. Also as someone said earlier, the mom and pop stores sell beer at anytime, why should they be exempt? It's only 7 11, every mom and pop store will sell it to you all day long though I don't reccommend starting before 9am. So if the kids come back after 5 they're OK to buy? Why not just ask for proof with ID like any other country? Its 1 way the govt tackles the problem of people getting too drunk according to my wife.

Seems a bit stupid to me. It does depend on which area you are in like in my wifes village its anytime you want grog you can get. Theres a good reason why I like village life more! Or buy a slab of beer to go with that bottle of scotch, 10 litres is a wholesale quantity so can sell any time. If we happen to be shopping outside the allowed hours we simply buy two slabs of beer and don't buy one next week, not exactly difficult to get round.

I recall when the sevens sold booze 24hrs. Now my local sevens bangkok can't scan alcohol items during the restricted hours. I assume sevens in tourist areas are allowed to sell all day. The law, as somebody mentioned, has been a god send for the little mom and pop shops.

This same system would record if that Franchisee scanned a sale of alcohol outside the legally permitted times, resulting in a penalty or even loss of the Franchise. Hence they usually will not allow a sale outside the legal hours. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. By snoop Started Yesterday at PM. By webfact Started Yesterday at AM. By Genix Started 1 hour ago.

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Buying beer from 7 eleven - thailand forum

So as not to be available to school kids as they leave school. The idea of just, you know, not selling it to kids. No thats too out there. Most Mom and Pop shops will sell any time, big chains like 7 will not. SimonD Posted August 12, Funny old world. If you buy more the 10 litres of alcohol then it is legal. Payboy Posted August 12, Posted August 12, edited.

Alcohol sale time restrictions thailand

Shot Posted August 12, Posted August 13, RudieTheFoodie 13 Posted August 13, Posted August 13, edited. RabC Posted August 13, I don't think they'll care if you're a farang. They just want to stop kids from buying I think. Crossy Posted August 13, Geekfreaklover Posted August 13, WebBangkok Posted August 13, Register a new. in Already have an ?

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