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Order Reprint. Vintage Postcard c. By Matthew Denker. While poking around the Rochester Image Database that the Monroe Public Library so lovingly maintains, I bumped into a series of 24 aerial photographs taken in If you notice anything I missed, do please bring it up in the comments.


I have no doubt it will be exciting. Being only 5 at the time it was reconfigured, I never had the dis pleasure of driving through the original Can of Worms. From these photos, I honestly cannot fathom how awful it must have been. Thankfully three years of roadwork from to fixed this for good.

The most striking part of this photo, to me, is what a hole there was before the convention center and Hyatt were built. You can also see the parking lot where the BCBS building would go much later on the right side of the photo. Here are three amazing shots that include Corn Hill in them. This is right after all of the worst urban renewal, but just as the first few units of Corn Hill Commons are being 1982 Rochester looking.

The vast, grassy state of what was and in some ways is again one of the densest neighborhoods in the city really blows my mind.

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Hope was this derelict before it was transformed into the spectacular building it is now it was abandoned infor reference. There is so so much going on in these two photos, but to me, the most appalling thing is the knowledge that the Hotel Rochester would be imploded 17 years later. What a loss.

And for what? A surface parking lot for the next 17? And maybe another 17 more? In this photo we find our intrepid city in the process of jamming Chestnut Street through the East End from East Ave to University, connecting it to North. This is one of the last, greatest mistakes the city would make in the urban renewal to ro movement. Bywe should have known better, but here we are. Chestnut Street North remains a superb collection of surface parking lots and weed strewn lawns 34 years later.

I am struck by two things in this photo.

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First, how much High Falls has changed in the past three decades. And second, look at the pile of coal just sitting outside at the old power plant. Just think, not 35 years ago, we had a giant pile of coal lying around downtown. Look at how different this area is now. But I .

This picture today is so different and in a few more years, will be even more different still. Downtown viewed from Wworth Square. Downtown viewed from the east end of Broad Street. Downtown viewed from High Falls. Downtown 1982 Rochester looking from East Main Street. Downtown viewed from the Hungerford. A view of the downtown bridges looking north. The Goodman Street Rail Yard. A view of Charlotte and the old Stutson Street Bridge. A view of the Kodak plant at Ridge and Lake. A view of the Lower Falls.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. Thanks for posting these photos. I was amazed at how much has changed in such a relatively short amount of time. So many cities have lost their main employer and not recovered like we have. What was there originally? What is taking so long for that to happen? Once fuel goes back up to four or five dollars a gallon, our bus system is going to be even less appealing than it is now.

I hope their renovations bring them even more success.

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I hope it only gets better. Corn Hill Landing beats the former gravel parking lot any day. I hear the naysayers and I sometimes see their side but it could be much worse. From Parcel 5 to Charlotte, I hope we make some good development decisions in the years to come. Thanks again for the blast from the past. Google searches are useless in this case due to the name. Why tear it down for a parking lot? For all the complaints we hear today about too many surface lots downtown, it really is shocking to see how much worse the problem used to be.

That vast stretch of grassy area on Mt. Hope to the Clarssia bridge used to be the Lehigh Valley Railroad yard. Freight houses and a ship transfer area. Nothing better.

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The people who own the site still said they might build an office building later. I dare them to prove otherwise.

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Much more industrial and rail transportation-based. The restoration of those three buildings would have been much more of an asset to Rochester than the unremarkable convention center and the Ho-Hum Hyatt. The Hotel Rochester died a slow death for many reasons, like cars and air transportation for starters.

By the late 50s the Rochester was a housing facility for RIT students before the campus moved to Henrietta. It may or may not have made enough profit then to pay taxes and costs. It was one of the last buildings in the city to convert manual elevators to automatics. To put it nicely, the job was done so poorly the Bricklayers Union of Rochester picketed the job for months pointing out lack of job safety and that the brick would begin falling off in 2 years. The Union masons were correct. The City Inspectors were told to go blind looking at the brick 1982 Rochester looking because there was a good chance of a fast sale of the new blue building.

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Ownership made a deal with Welfare and became the Cadillac Hotel West annex. There were problems with plumbing that developed quickly, and police calls and all the usual. As bricks began their Niagra Falls of brick impression, the City first required safety barriers over the sidewalk, and then insisted the blue bricks be removed leaving walls exposed to weather that had been blasted of their coating for brick adhesion.

Next came ugly paint, and brick walls that collected rain water and blew out from frost.